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KAPOLSAMAJ.COM: India's first musical, educational website with Matrimonial, Yellow Pages, Kapol Data Bank and many other features solely for development of Kapol Community where registration is absolutely FREE.

Our Objectives:
To serve the Kapol Community through this website.
To provide education, counseling, support the needy and deserving people from our community.
To create awareness & motivate brotherhood amongst our community.
To enhance the image & identity of our community.
To create a bridge so that our cultural and spiritual heritage is maintained and our values and ethics (sansakara) are passed on to the next generation.
To provide a platform for expressing views and opinions.

Our Vision:
Education is the key to success and growth.

The Gujarati Kapol Samaj represents approximately 125,000 people spread throughout the world, out of which more than 100,000 stay in Mumbai.

We have dreamt that every Kapol should be educated. By "educated" we mean that he/she should be at least a Graduate, has knowledge of computers and can speak fluent English. One who is aware of the potential of the Internet and has acquired know-how on use of computers will be truly educated in the future global digital economy. Kapolsamaj.com has taken initiative to educate our community through this website.

Free career counseling and advisory, will be provided by panel of experts from our Community.

" The illiterate of the future are not those who cannot read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. "

This website is for the benefit of Kapol Community and the information available is completely free. Please register yourself and get connected to Kapol Samaj.

CA Shri Bharat Balwantrai Desai was encouraged by a lot of people to develop this website. He is grateful for the support given to him. Special thanks to Shri Mathuradas Mehta and Kapol Samurddhi Abhiyan Group.


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